Episode 5: A Book and a Movie

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For such a short episode, I sure did mention a lot.

Know Your Meme: Bad Luck Brian

Epic Win For Anonymous
Interview with Cole Stryker

Black Mirror:

I Melt With You:

INXS, “Beautiful Girl”

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Redux Reflux Episode 4: Wonder Showzen, The Heart She Holler, Andy Milonakis, Adult Swim

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I finally convinced my friend Troy to watch the short-lived 2005 Wonder Showzen, which aired on MTV2 for two short seasons. The brain child of Vernon Chatman and John Lee, Wonder Showzen is a twisted parody of PBS-type children shows.

The creators went on to  create The Heart, She Holler, one of the best things to air on Adult Swim. Plus, have you ever wondered what happened to Andy Milonakis?


Wonder Showzen Official Site (some full episodes available)
The Heart, She Holler (full episodes are free to stream)
An interview with Chatman and Lee and another
Andy Milonakis’ Reddit IAMA

Clips mentioned:

Beat Kids: Lil’ Dead Pope
H.O.B.O. Ops
What Is Love?
Aunt Flo

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Episode 2: House of Elliott, Downton Abbey, Gay Disney Villains, Jane Austen movies

Episode 2: House of Elliott, Downton Abbey, Gay Disney Villains, Jane Austen [right click to download]

My dear friend Mary joins me to discuss our love for the the British television programme House of Elliott and how it is better than Downton Abbey, gay Disney villains, and how Jane Austen stories make me nervous and make Mary irritated.

You can watch season one of House of Elliott here. The other two seasons are available on dvd.

The film version of Pride and Prejudice I was referring to is from 2005, although many prefer the miniseries.

Here’s a great episode of That’s Gay! with Bryan Safi about gay villains:

And for those interested, here’s Roller Girl Barbie, looking porn-tastic!

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