Episode 12: Schlubby Jews

As I continue my foray into movies that were mis-marketed, I of course needed to mention Observe & Report, the “other” mall cop movie. Seth Rogen does some of his best acting in a movie that is more dark than funny. Then, I had to hate on his new film The Guilt Trip. That led me to talking about the best neurotic Jewish filmmaker who makes movies about neurotic Jews. No DUM DUM NOT WOODY ALLEN. I’m talking about Albert Brooks and the simple but elegant comedy Mother.

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Next time I’ll be back with longer episodes with guests.

Observe and Report / The Guilt Trip Trailer / Mother / article about Dane Cook Sitcom

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Episode 11: A Book, A Band, A Movie

I finally saw Battle Royale and how it is better/worse than The Hunger Games, Michael Grant’s Gone series, an actually well-written teen dystopian series: and the Scottish anger-rock of Sons & Daughters. As an added bonus,  I express my frustration with The Mindy Project, Mindy Kaling’s new sitcom. Act now for this special offer!

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My thoughts on The Master / The SF Armory / Gone Girl/ The Mindy Project Pilot/ Battle Royale / Gone series / Sons & Daughters.


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Episode 10: Shattered Glass, Battle Beasts, Beverly Hills Teens, Spectra

Mitch returns, and we talk about lesser popular toys from our youth including Battle Beasts, Visionaries, Beverly Hills Teens, and the intergalactic teen who just wants to go to the mall, Spectra. Also included is the movie Shattered Glass, and an impromptu dramatic reading of Sweet Valley High books.

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The L.A. Complex / The Room / Shattered Glass / Battle Beasts /Beverly Hills Teens / Visionaries / Spectra / UFO Kidnapped

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Episode 8: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

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I always have the best time talking to the amazing, hilarious writer Amy Spalding! Lucky for everyone, her book is coming out in February, and it is a MUST READ. And I’m not just saying that because Amy is a friend! We discuss, along many things, the wonder that is Diablo Cody, Young Adult, and my Fight-Club theory of the misunderstood Jennifer’s body.

More importantly, we talk about Coupling, the most charming, clever hilarious sitcom you’ll ever watch. Starring the handsome, charming Jack Davenport. Swoonsville, population us!

Some choice clips:

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Episode 7: A Book, A Band, A Movie

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Another solo show and another segment called A Book, A Band A Movie. It is exactly what it sounds like.

Check out in LA: Diamond Lion/ Meltdown Show

Book: The Unauthorized Biography of Tom Cruise by Andrew Morton

Magnolia: “Search and Destroy”

Movie: D.E.B.S.

“A Little Respect”  from D.E.B.S.

Lillingtons discography on Amazon

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